The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) has appointed Penthol, a global leader in the supply and distribution of oil products and petrochemicals, as the exclusive seller of Adnoc’s Group III base oil in the U.S. Signing ceremony was executed in Abu Dhabi during May 2017.

Penthol attended the following events 

ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference on February 18-22 in London

Asia Pacific Petroleum (APPEC) Conference on September 9-11 in Singapore

International Petroleum (IP) Week on February 24-28 in London

IHS World Petrochemical Conference on March 19-22 in San Antonio, TX.

AFPM Petrochemical Conference on March 23-26 in San Antonio, TX.

ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference on June 25-27 in Singapore

IMPCA Methanol Conference on June 13-14 in Wiesbaden, Germany

Meet The Market South America International Conference on June  11-12 in Rio de Janeiro

Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) Meeting on April 10-14 in San Diego, CA.



Penthol shall attend the following events as of June 2019:

Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) Annual Meeting  on September 21-24 in Colorado Springs 

European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) Annual Meeting on October 6-9 in Berlin

IMPCA  Asian Methanol Conference on November in Singapore.

ICIS Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference on December 4-6 in New Jersey